Our Multiservice Project.

This project reflects the vision of technology of Integration of multiple services in the same platform, a vision we share with our client. The Funeral Parlor Monumental is one of the most recognized provider of funeral services in Venezuela, and within the project of enlargement of its instalations, great importance has been allotted to the technical systems for the new building, which is currently under construction. In this project solutions converge to provide the following services: data transfer, telephony, videosecurity, access control, television, automation, sound, and a guided parking system.

The services of voice, data, videosecurity, and access control, which are foreseen for this project are supported by a net of structured cabling which covers the ten floors of the building. This net consists of elements of optical fiber and UTP cabling. The terminal equipment for telephony, videosecurity and access control is completely based on IP technology. The video management system, which will be installed has many advantages, being one of them the integration with IP-telephony, access control, and automation.

The TV transport network is totally cabled with optical fiber. The automation of determined tasks is designed to facilitate the execution of daily routine work.

As innovative elements in our solutions we introduced two systems in this project: sound for the chapels and a guided parking system.. The sound solution consists of a multimedia equipment, four loudspeakers and a wireless microphone, which are installed in each chapel. Their main function, but not the only one, is to provide a wireless megaphone system for the priest who celebrates the religious service. The other innovative element is a guided parking system, which consists of sensors, controllers and screens, which show the number of available parking lots in real time.

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