First FTTS (Fiber To The Store) solution in Venezuela and South America.

The first project carried out by completely implemented with optical fiber, with the aim to maximize the area for commercial use by eliminating the rooms for distribution, and providing all services over a single media, guaranteeing this way that the shopping center will not have to introduce any change in its infrastructure during the next 50 years. This shopping center, which has 237 premises (160 shops) and a Corporative Center in a building of 12 floors, has networks for Point of Sales, telephony, data, Internet and private networks, which are carried to each destination via a single optical fiber. With this project some concepts were developed like the Multimedia Box (CM, for its acronym in Spanish) as the border for service provision guaranty at the premises or office.

The services presently are operated by and from their entrie up to now around ten million calls have been passed without a single fault of the telephone exchange. The videosecurity System designed by was implemented based on IP technology and the connection via optical fiber allows several control and monitoring centers to operate simultaneously.

Other projects elaborated by at Millennium Mall were sound and automation. Therefore this shopping center has a platform for sound of 4000W divided in zones for music and announcements in all public areas of the shopping center. Music can be programmed for a whole year.

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